SUMMARY: oracle redo logs vs VM RAID5 logs

From: Rahul Sen (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 16:52:42 CDT

My original post :

>Sun Guys,
>Here is the background :
>We need a 10 gb RAW partition on a A5200 to be carved and used as an oracle
>database partition. The keyword here is "RAW"... it is not a file system.
>I am using Veritas Volume Mgr 3.0.1 and the partition is going to be RAID5
>(software RAID obviously since it is an A5200).
>My question is :
>Do i necessarily need VM RAID5 replay logging for this partition ?
>Wont an oracle redo logs partition be enough for recovery ?
>Again i emphasize that this will be a RAW RAID5 partition under oracle
>Thanks and i will summarize.
>Rahul Sen
>Lucent Tech.
Got good responses from :

                             Mike DeMarco

                             Michael Sullivan

                             Arthur Darren

                             Daniel Muiņo

                             Stephen Harris
Thanks Guys.

Most of u suggested NOT to use RAID5 with Oracle for performance reasons. I
fully agree but my customer does not... for $$$ reasons.

Bottom line : VM RAID5 replay logging is definitely recommended for RAID5
recovery and so is oracle redo logging for database recovery even for a RAW
oracle partition.

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