SUMMARY: Keyboard/pause behaviour on Ultra 10.

From: Stephen Haigh (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 16:46:45 CDT

Thnaks for the information people...

Here is the solution that helped me


  # kbd -a disable


  Modify the /etc/default/kbd file, by removing the # from the entry:


        and changing it to:



  Steve Haigh

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Subject: RE: Keyboard/pause behaviour on Ultra 10.

Enclosed is a mail I sent out recently on preventing the break sequence.
See if that helps

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Subject: Keyboard/pause behaviour on Ultra 10.

  I felt sure this would be in some FAQ somewhere or even the documentation
but I have been unable to find any information.

  I have a bunch of Ultra 10s running out-of-the-box Solaris 7.
Unfortuantley I have very little physical room and not enough keyboards for
each. Eventually there will be a CPU switch which will remediate this issue.

  How can I stop the machine from returning to the Openboot (OK ) prompt
whenever I unplug the keyboard? I thought the behaviour would be such that
it would happen when the kb was plugged in but not when it is unplugged.

  Thanks for any pointers

  Steve Haigh

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