SUMMARY: howto watch arbitrary terms or xsessions?

From: Mark I. (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 09:38:53 CDT

Hi! thanks to all respondents!
"Perrier,Kent - PLANO" <>
Richard Bond <>
"Graff, Tracy" <>
John Kingsland <>

the options given were:
kibitz and xkibitz (from the expect distribution examples at
vnc from

also a quick and dirty way to have one term mirror another (albeit
one carriage return behind) is to script -a /dev/pts/(the target term).
though you have to own the target term. i suppose root could manhandle
things. if you're in a vanilla environment this could do in a pinch :)

anyway, i found xkibitz really neat, you can push the image of your xterm
to other people. (permissions allowing) and share with as many people as
you like. both people can type into the xterm.

vnc is really nice too, it creates an entire xsession, and you can
grab it from anywhere. you can grab it read only, and grab it without
making it disappear from where it was, if you like. so it's like
xkibitz except instead of pushing the image to people, you grab it from
wherever you are. (password has to be set up in advance). and also
instead of just an xterm, it can be anything you want to launch in
that environment. (also they have binaries for windows platforms too though
i didn't try it.

i should also mention there's a product from computron called peek which allows
peeking and poking at a user's terminal. though i haven't tried it yet because
it installs files into /etc and i've asked if they could recompile it for
a directory of my choosing, and they were rather nice about it. so anyway, i'm
waiting on that.
looks like there's lots of options out there :)

really cool stuff!

thanks all,

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