SUMMARY: Mounting an iso image

From: Johnie Stafford (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 08:29:51 CDT

Thanks to everybody that responded to my request.

My original request:

: Is it possible to mount an ISO image on a Solaris system? I've created
: an image that I want to burn on a CD, but I would like to test it
: first. I do it at home on my Linux box all the time using the loopback
: filesystem. Can it be done on Solaris?

I received a lots of replies suggesting that I get fbk, which is
avaliable at:

Casper Dik came up with the best answer to my question. I had failed
to mention that I was using Solaris 8 which comes with mkisofs. Casper
noted that Solaris comes with "lofi" mounts. Which allows you to
associate a file with a device therefore allowing you to mount the

I also received a few request about why I would want to do this. Its
basicly so I can check the image to make sure the layout and filenames
will come out the way I intended.


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