SUMMARY: Solstice Backup mmrecov failing

From: Stuart Little (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 07:26:50 CDT

Original question:-
> Suffered a disk crash yesterday that took out my Solstice Backup
> index directory. Version 4.2.6b on Sol 2.4.
> Running mmrecov starts OK but then I get an error:-
> nsrindexasm: Recover exited status 76
> WARNING: The on-line index for `server` was NOT fully recovered.
> I cannot find a list of exit values for recover so don't know what
> '76' implies. Unlikely to be a media error as I have tried a different
> bootstrap save set i.e. a different tape, and used a different tape
> drive. Also the tapes I'm using were only written a day or so ago
> and I didn't get any problems during the backup.

Hmm. Appears to have been a path problem. At some point root lost
/usr/bin/nsr and /usr/sbin/nsr from its path. Doh. That is what happens
when you try to fix things at midnight :-(


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