SUMMARY: boot 220R off of serial port

From: Deborah Crocker (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 11:31:39 CDT

Okay -

we got our solution. Even after verifying that the null modem cable would
transmit it turned out to be the problem. We grabbed another cable and
now it works. The obvious difference between the two is that the one that
works is a db9 to d9b while the one that didn't was db9 to db25. We've
obviously stuck an adapter in to get from db9 to the Sun. What is really
wrong with the original cable?? Who knows...


Original Problem:

We have a 220R right out of the box. No monitor card
so we are attempting to start off of serial port A

We are using a laptop with hyperterm set to 9600, 8,n,1 (known good
since it is used for other purposes. We are using a null-modem cable
(checked continuity...). We did switch out another laptop since
we had no confidence that the serial port was working as it should.

We have seen the 220R boot message come across a serial
port analyzer but we don't ever see it on hyperterm. So we're
stuck here, we can't get the machine configured.

I'm worried about stopping and restarting it multiple
times are we try to get this to go...

Any secrets here?

Deborah Crocker
User Service
Seebeck Computer Center
University of Alabama

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