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Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 20:45:37 CDT

Thanks, in no particular order, go to:

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Suggestions were:
a) replace inetd with xinetd - A good idea. Had a very quick look at xinetd
and it seems to be decent. Will look at it closer as it's always nice to
have a bit more control over things.
b) replace inetd with tcpserver which does have this functionality
( - As per xinetd.
c) replacing smap with qmail - If I was going to do this I'd have needed to
build a new machine and put it in the DMZ, I'd rather use sendmail in this
case but that's personal preference, and to my mind, more a religious debate
that anything.
d) using the inetd protection that controls the inetd connection rate. -
This isn't really what I was after, more interested in total number of smtp
connections as opposed to x number of smtp connections per second.
e) setup a "DMZ" where there were a couple of Sendmail servers, where all of
the mail was mx'ed through. These in turn, fed the fireall with smap via
hardwired Sendmail configs. - This is pretty close to what we did.

And the solution that worked for me:
I added an MX that lets our upstream act as a secondary. Mail that was
bouncing from our server is being sent to the secondary and sent to us at a
later time. The biggest problem was messages timing out and then retrying,
thereby further congesting a slow, congested link.

Thanks again to all who answered. Goes to show that there's more than one
way to skin a cat (NB: I do not condone the skinning of cats or any other
household pets)


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