SUMMARY: maximum number of mounts?

From: Lusty Wench (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 15:35:17 CDT

My original question:

> We are building a large data infrastructure that involves mounting
> a large number of partitions via either vfstab or mnttab. My question
> is whether there's a practical limit to the number of mounts you can
> have. The design we're putting together involves 256 mounts. The
> only alternative we have at the moment is 16 mounts with symlinks
> to get to the 256 top-level data points.
> Anybody have experience with this many mounts?

Of course I typo'd when I said "either vfstab or mnttab", which should
have said "either vfstab or automounter".

At any rate, the consensus is definitely that automounter should do the
trick, and of course I myself have experience with many more than 256
loopback mounts through automounter from my days at Sun.

I have built the automounter maps and am mounting the data volumes

Thanks to everyone who responded:
Bertrand Hutin
Sean Harding
David Evans
Nate Itkin
Casper Dik
Birger Wathne
Darren Dunham
Michael Stapleton


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