Summary:Jumpstart question -- disabling X during jumpstart?

From: John Weekley (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 20:47:03 CDT

Thanks to Ofer Licht !
Original qustion:

Hi Managers,
I've got an SS5 used for testing that requires quick loading of the
Solaris 8.
The machine has a TGX card and keyboard. Is it possible to jumpstart
going into X? If so, how?
Ofer's Answer(s):
1: From the boot prompt: boot net - install w

2: Or use eeprom to set diag-device to net and diag file to "- install
and then use diag-switch? as your toggle.

I used option 1 and it worked beautifully. I'll try #2 a bit later.
Thanks Ofer!

John Weekley

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