SUMMARY: Squid on Sol7

From: Sriram V (TSG) (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 08:18:43 CDT

Thanks for every one for excellent response...
I have done the craziest thing.. I have not given the path. I added
/usr/ccs/bin and then it started working fine..
Special thanks to Jonathon , Bertrand, David and daniel for a quick &
effective solution.


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                Subject: Squid on Sol7

                        I unzipped and untarred the squid-2.3.STABLE3 for
Solaris 7 in /usr/local/squid/src directory. I have GCC version 2.95.2
loaded. There are no errors when I run configure. Later when I run
/usr/ccs/bin/make in /usr/local/squid/src directory I get the following
error message.

                ERROR MESSAGE
                /usr/bin/rm -f libmiscutil.a
                /usr/bin/false r libmiscutil.a rfc1123.o rfc1738.o rfc1035.o
util.o getfullhostname.o base64.o uudecode.o splay.o sage_inet_addr.o
iso3307.o snprintf.o md5.o radix.o stub_memaccount.o Array.o Stack.o hash.o

                make[1]: ***[libmiscutil.a] Error 255
                make[1]: Leaving directory
                make: *** [all] Error 1

                I have downloaded 2 versions of squid and tested. I am
getting the same error in both the versions.
                Please suggest what else I should do. I will summarize.


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