SUMMARY: fontserver - tips&tricks?

From: Bernt Christandl (beb@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 06:17:03 CDT

Hello managers,

i asked:
>we're about to setup a fontserver to serve all our systems and xterminals
>(solaris, linux, aix, irix - ncd's and tektronix's - cde, kde, ...)
>Aside from "man -P/usr/openwin/man xfs", do you have any tips, tricks,
>docs, known pitfalls, ... for me?
>Any Xserver known to not support fontserver?
>Can i setup a "primary" and a "secondary" fontserver?

Obviously this is more or less a straight forward thing todo.
At least i received no bigger hints.
And despite the hint of Birger (see below), i'll start with trying
to use one common place and only one font for each fontname for all
our platforms. (And in the meantime i have seen that there are fonts
with the same name, which are different for at least solaris and aix...)

Thomas Anders <> said:
>XFree86 for OS/2 -- at least we didn't find a way to specify one
>(and it gives an error upon "xset fp+ ...").
>Some anxient X-Terminals have such problems, too.

Birger Wathne <> said:
>We have been planning something similar. But we are planning to run one
>fontserver on each of the major Unix architectures, and list them all in
>the font path.
>That way, we don't have to worry about incompatibilities when different
>unix systems come with slightly different fonts with the same name, etc.
>When logging in on a graphical console, we will make sure we list the font
>server for the current architecture first. For X terminals/PC's we will
>see which search order works best.
>Font servers from different vendors have different capabilities regarding
>supported font formats, etc. Using this scheme we should be able to use
>most font types available.

Thank you all again,

Bernt Christandl (

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