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Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 06:06:00 CDT


I received once again a lot of answers, thanks to all
of you who responded,
i.e. Dan Lowe, Buddy Lumpkin, Gabriel Rosenkoetter,
Bageshwar Kumar, Don Cary Grant,
Clsenburg, Mark R. Studebaker, Narender Reddy
Muthyala, David Foster, Steve Harris,
Torsten Robert Kirschner, David Ledger, Matthew Stier,
Multiplex Sparkletrash,
Valentina Popa, Marina Daniels, Thomas Vincent and
Steve Harris.

My question was:
Hi Admins,

When I add "+ joe" in .rhosts in a user home directory
and when I try to access by rsh or rlogin with the
username joe, I am rejected.
This is weird because it usually works on any
Is there something I have to configure somewhere
for the r-commands ?

I need your help guys.

I tried all of the solutions I was given : change the
permissions for .rhosts, chech for
rshd, ensure the hosts know each other, check the
existence of files like hosts.allow,
removing the space between "+ joe".
Actually, the configuration was correct, the problem
was the way I used rsh.
For instance, I did : "rsh -l joe host" but joe did
not exist on host.
Actually, joe is merely the login you try to access
the host with.

Thank you very much guys for your help.
This list is very GREAT !!!

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