SUMMARY : E450 : SolaRIS 7 or 8?

From: Daniel Polombo (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 04:39:39 CDT

My original question :

> I'm going to have to set up an E450 box (as a ClearCase server),
> and I'm unsure whether to go Solaris 7 or 8, especially since I
> haven't tried Solaris 8 before. What would this most excellent
> list advise?

Since there is no real consensus on this one, I'm including all the
replies I got in this summary. As a general rule, though, people seem
to think Solaris 8 should be fine.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply.

David Foster <>

Go to 8...Solaris 7 introduced some new features (like 64-bit) but
wasn't quite polished.

Kent Perrier <>

If your application supports Solaris 8, I would say go for 8. What
your application supports should drive this issue.

Bill Hebert <>

Having just installed an E250 as well as all the desktops. I'd recommend
Solaris 7 for the server. For the clients? whatever you wish.

Brent Killion <>

I personally have supported ClearCase 4.0 running on a E4500 under
Solaris7 with nominal difficulties. I'm currently supporting 3 E450s
running Solaris7 with zero difficulties. I'd say until you get more
hands-on with Solaris8 to go with 7.

Paul Yahnig <>

I may be in the same boat that you are in. Please let me know what you find
out. I have used Solaris 8 already. I personally want to stay with 7 for a
little while, until they work out some of the bugs in 8.

Terry Gardner <>

I would recommend Solaris 8 .... you get built-in
LDAP support, amongst other things.

Ian Fitchet <>

Solaris 8 is great and you won't find a problem with it (subject to
the usual new OS problems). However, few enough 3rd party vendors
support 2.7, 2.8 is (almost) unheard of.

Carl <>

I have a mixture at this point, and I have yet to find anything that worked
in 7 that doesn't in 8.

Go for it.

John Jamerson <>

The first thing I'd do is contact Rational Tech Support to ensure that your
version of ClearCase works on and is supported on Sol 8. It may not be.
And if it's not supported on Sol 8, then you've narrowed your choices.

And regardless of which OS you run, make sure you install the ClearCase
required patches.

BTW, we're running ClearCase V4 on Sol 7 with all current required and
security patches. Works fine. Don't have Sol 8 yet, so am not sure about

Andrew Watkins <>

Go for Solaris 8 (Solaris 8 6/00 will soon be released as well)
Unless you have some software which want work, but Sun do say that all software
will work go for the latest O/S.
It is always best to go for the latest O/S:
        - Bug fixes
        - Better 64bit support
        - Improved performance
        Well sun site will explain more
I have been using Solaris 8 on some clients and hope to upgrade our
E450 as soon as I get 6/00.

Geoff Lane <>

I've installed Sol8 on a E450 without problem - but we are not using it to
host any service at the moment (not because it's no good, just because
management havent decided what to use it for.)

If you ask Sun they'll say go for Sol8. The support and development engineers
already have Sol9 on their systems.

Daniel Polombo
System/network engineer
Thomson-CSF Detexis

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