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From: Rupesh Vadrev (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 12:14:47 CDT

Original problem:
We have an Exceed login via CDE into a Sun Solaris machine. What
we need is a warning message (ie "unauthorized users will be
prosecuted....: kind of stuff) prior to login.

Before a user enters the login name and passwd this message should
be displayed. If possible the user should click on "OK" and then
to the login screen.

I've tried the dthello and linked it to /etc/motd but it shows up after
the login.

There are two ways of doing this.

The first suggested by Viet_Q_Hoang was to modify the
Dtlogin*greeting.labelString in the Xresource file. I put the
warning message in this string with \n for new lines and also
tweaked the Dtlogin*greeting.fontlist for font size. This gave
me the warning message on the same GUI as the login prompt.

The other method suggested by Gavin Brennan was to put
and xmessage command in the Xsetup file for CDE. The
xmessage command takes a file as an argument. You could
use /etc/motd as this file and that file is displayed
in a separate window before the CDE login screen

Thank you all for your help
Rupesh Vadrev

Rupesh Vadrev

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