SUMMARY: Storage Recommendations

From: William Kupersanin (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 23:46:47 CDT

I originally posted ...

>I am looking for RAID with the following specifications and am looking
>any recommendations that people may have.
>- Around $15,000
>- At least 72 gig disk
>- Hardware Raid
>- Dual Homeable
>- redundant power supply
>One of the contenders thus far is Sun's Netra st A1000.
>Thanks in advance for any pointers!

I would like to thank Wesley Suess, Frederick Hall, Glen Ippolito,
Jason Schechner, Richard Bond, Michael Maciolek, and Matt Reynolds for
their responses. Their comments and recommendations, in no particular
order, were ...

* Check out nStor/Andataco GigaRaid/AA. They have educational
discounts also.

* Look at a company called

* It may be a bit more costly than you can afford now but check into
Metastor RAID subsystems. I used them at my last job and liked them
enough to talk my new company into buying one. In fact, I just set it
up with our e4500 tonight and after plugging everything in and loading
the software it found everything on the first shot! If you can't find
anyone who's heard of Metastor, try asking about LSI Logic or Symbios
systems - it's the same company and some vendors don't know the
individual product lines.

* I was reminded that I should consider whether I really need the
features of the Netra st Storedge Devices. The non "Netra" devices
seem to be similar except that they are not designed to function in
hostile environmental conditions.

* One person mentioned that the A1000 won't ship with 18Gig drives,
but that is odd as 18Gig drives are one of the suggested
configurations at

Thank you all for your suggestions. You have given many good
recommendations to pursue

-- Willie

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