summary; solaris7 nfsd problem?

From: Robert Johannes (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 17:49:26 CDT

I received two replies regarding this matter, but none of the suggested
answers solved the problem, so the problem still lingers; the most
meaningfull answer came from don krausse who suggested that I do a mount
with "vers=2" appended to the mount commandline. That's,

mount nfsserver:/path /mount_point -o vers=2

My original question is below: I'm still searching for the answer, but
currently I've resorted to using samba to mount the solaris exported
shares to a linux the slackware box.

> I've an nfs client using a slackware linux box, trying to mount files
> exported from an ultra5 running solaris7. Each time I try
> mounting, I get
> a permission denied error. The ultra5 exports files to the
> entire domain,
> and I've verified that the client is a fully qualified machine.
> The strange part is that there's other linux and solaris
> boxes that are
> able to mount from the ultra5 without a problem: To complicate things
> even more, I've a solaris8 intel box that I have used to test the
> scenario; I exported the files on the intel box to the entire
> domain and
> tried mounting from the problematic nfs client, and guess what, it
> works! So what what's not working between the problematic
> client and the
> ultra5 nfs server?
> Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks
> robert

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