SUMMARY:Kicking off a NT process from Solaris

From: Gorener, Argun (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 15:55:46 CDT

Thanks to ALL who responded to my question.

Choices are;
1-Installing "UNIX Services for Windows NT" on our NT box and use rexec, rsh
2-Developing a small application that will run on NT box and will loop until
existence of a flag file which will be created at the end of the UNIX job by
using ftp or samba mounted NT share.
3-Installing Exceed on NT box and enabling rsh/rexec in inetd.
4-Developing a C/C++/perl script that will run on NT box and monitor a
specific IP address on a predefined port (in this case it's my UNIX server)
for a job complete message.
5-Using Networkshell from
6-Using Denicomp Systems' Winsock RSHD-NT from
7-Using a product from CA called Autosys
8-Installing "rshsvc" from the NT Resource Kit

My original post was:

Hi SUN gurus,

OS: SunOS 5.6

Is there any way to kick off a NT process - can be a simple .bat file -
from a UNIX script (Both machines are on the same network) ? I need this to
schedule a multi platform job. After UNIX part completes, I should be
starting the NT part of the job.

Thanks in advance !!!

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