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From: Inkoo Kim (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 10:07:43 CDT

Dear Sun managers,

This was an old post to which I got 4 replies, but I was able to confirm
some part of it only recently.

Original question was:
>I have a sparc4 workstation which does not boot, after experiencing a
>power failure, with the following message.
>testing memory memory not aligned
>type b,c or n
>/sbus/espd.... (giving the disk name)
>file & args
>level 15 interrupt
>I would like to know whether there's anything I can do (before physically
>try and replace the memory).
>I could not find this message 'memory not aligned' from the web, from
>sun's site, or from the manuals I have.
>Is there any 'knowledgebase' site for sun systems, for error messages?
>Some problems I face do not seem documented anywhere.

The answers are
1. "nothing I can do" other than try and change the memory.
2. Sun has a SRDB on which lists error messages,
available only to paid subscribers.

Here are replies I got. Thanks to Francisco, Buddy, Michael, and Scott ! :

From: Francisco de la Torre <>
Try SRDB 4520 (

From: Buddy Lumpkin <>
If you have more than 1 dimm, pop one out, then pop the other out, that
will rule out memory at least. Divide and conquer.

From: "Salehi, Michael E" <>
Sun solve has a document that has all the errors listed, but you have to
have a contract.

From: "Kulp, Scott (Scott)** CTR **" <>
your first simm is in the wrong slot or it is bad.the slot closest to the
sbus is the 1st

Finally, not from this list, but from our school's workstation support:
  From everything I can find, this is a hardware problem and as
  a general rule memory-test doesn't give you any useful info, nor
  do sundiagnostics. Physically replacing the SIMS until the problem
  goes away is the only suggestion I can find from Sun, or anybody


Inkoo Kim [845-7530 / Zach 30B]

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