Ooops/Summary: Behaviour of Sun ftp...

From: Daniel Kim (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 08:44:24 CDT

Please ignore that luser question! I looked at the manpage which spells
out that ftp is meant to have the exact behaviour that was noticed:

i.e., from the ftp manpage:

     ls [ remote-directory | -al ] [ local-file ]
               Print an abbreviated listing of the contents of a
               directory on the remote machine. If remote-
               directory is left unspecified, the current working
               directory is used.

               The -a option lists all entries, including those
               that begin with a dot (.), which are normally not
               listed. The -l option lists files in long format,
               giving mode, number of links, owner, group, size
               in bytes, and time of last modification for each
               file. If the file is a special file, the size
               field instead contains the major and minor device
               numbers rather than a size. If the file is a sym-
               bolic link, the filename is printed followed by
               "->" and the pathname of the referenced file.

               If no local file is specified, or if local-file is
               -, the output is sent to the terminal.

So, what I thought might have been a clobbering bug wasn't one at all...



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