SUMMARY: JUMPSTART and Network Connection

From: Atmane Alouache (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 06:28:15 CDT

Hi Admins,

Sorry guys, for the delayed summary but I was so busy.
Well, I received a lot of answers that helped me to
work my problem out.
I thank all of you who responded :
Mike van der Velden, Matt Reynolds, Mike Salehi, Josh
Wyatt, Scott Kulp,
Viet Cuong Chu, Bill Bartlett, Brett Hunter.

My original post was:
Hi admins,

When I try to set up Solaris2.6 on Ultra-80 machines,
I get this message:
        SUNW,hme0: Link Down - cable problem?

I checked the network connection, all is right.
This is weird because the boot process work, I mean it
found out the boot server, its hostname, its IP, ...
I am able to jumpstart any kind of machines (U1, U5,
SS10, ...) but no Ultra-80.

Please I need your help because I am at a loss, and
this is an emergency.

Thank you guys

Solution :
Actually 3 operations have to be performed to be able
to install Solaris2.6 5/98 by jumspstart
on Ultra-80 with a cpu > 419 Mhz :

1) Go to the boot image location and cd
Then create the directory SUNW,Ultra-80 if it does not
exist yet.

2) cd /path_to_image/Boot/usr/platform and ln -s sun4u

This 2 steps will allow the machine you want to
install to boot
But at this point you may get the message "SUNW,hme0:
Link Down - cable problem?"

3) Now you have to update your boot image. Use the CD
included in the pack called "Binary Code License"
cd /cdrom/cdrom/s0
./modify_install_server -r 2.6 -d

After that you will be able to install the Ultra-80.
But you get another problem. When the jumpstar is
over, the machine is unable to boot,
actually you get the message "Enter filename :

4) You may give the needed information at this point
but the best solution
is to add this on your finish script:
cd /a/platform
mkdir SUNW,Ultra-80
chmod 755 SUNW,Ultra-80
cd /a/usr/platform
ln -s sun4u SUNW,Ultra-80

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