Summary: recording login script

From: Paul J. Bell (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 05:59:38 CDT

i received several useful opinions regarding how to solve this
matter, ranging from using a restricted shell (Borne & Korn), to
to starting an xterm with script (1) running, etc but none were
exactly what i needed in this case.
i still can't remember when i wrote the original script but at
least i have remembered where i was when i last used it so there
is hope
of finding it. once found, i'll post it here in case it might
be useful to others.

thanks to:
Craig Russell
Karl Vogel
Jason Wood
Jim O'Dell
Nathan Tackett

(if i missed anyone, sorry)


"There is magic in the web" - Shakespeare (Othello, Act 3, Scene

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