SUMMARY: remote root login

From: Stojkov, Predrag (Predrag.Stojkov@GTECH.COM)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 13:54:33 CDT

Thanks for prompt answers. One has to comment (back) the line
in /etc/default/login file. This line comes commented out with the new copy
of OS, and one has to enable it (uncomment it) to increase security of the
system. Apparently, on this specific system someone (me?:-) enabled that
line long time ago, forgetting later where it is and how to do it (or
reverse it) again.

Thank you again,

Predrag Stojkov

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Subject: remote root login

Dear Sun Managers:

How to (temporarily) enable the remote root telnet/rsh to the Solaris 2.6
box? Presence of .rhosts file in the root directory is not sufficient to
enable this.


Predrag Stojkov

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