SUMMARY: Re: sparc 20 booting off external disk

From: Adam and Christine Levin (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 10:01:09 CDT

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Adam and Christine Levin wrote:
> We've got a sparc 20 with one SuperSPARC II processor and 32MB
> memory. The internal disk is going bad, so we hooked up an external 9GB
> disk and we're trying to install Solaris 2.6 from scratch on it (we've got
> 2.6 on the internal disk).
> However, after installation, we can't get it to boot. We've tried a
> regular install and a browser-based install. We get either that it can't
> find the kernel or a bootblk error.
> I've tried mounting the CD, booting single user and manually doing an
> installboot, but that doesn't seem to help (it's missing /packages this
> time).
> Is there some issue about an *old* Sparc 20 trying to boot off an external
> disk? It's the same SCSI bus (internal disk is c0t3d0 and external is
> c0t4d0), and the termination is correct.

Aw, man. I've been bitten by the FAQ bug.

I apologize for that. We've got so many Ultras (E250/E450) that I didn't
even think.

Thanks to Casper Dik for pointing out (kindly and politely) that this is
in the FAQ. You can't boot >2GB (sometimes >1GB) partitions on older


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