SUMMARY: Disk Images

Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 09:25:32 CDT

Thanks to one and all for the words of advice. As many of you may have
   I posted this to both the HPUX Admin list and the Sun-managers list.
Both HP and
  Sun have products that will do what I need, apparently. I'm going to look
into HP's
  IgniteUX and Sun's Jumpstart. Those were the overwhelming favorites in
the many
  replies I recieved......


   Mark Gosselin
   Netscout Systems, Inc.
   Westford, MA 01886

Original Post:

> Hi Admins,
> A question was raised at a meeting I just attended and of course, I was
> one who
> got assigned the action. The question:
> Since we often need a clean, patched OS install before installing and
> testing an
> application, is it possible to create, on a separate drive, an image of
> install.
> The goal being a quick return to the original (pre application install)
> configuration.I know
> there is software for doing this in the Windows world and someone
> seeing
> a device that "they think did that" at Networld-Interop a couple of weeks
> ago. Does
> anyone have any experience with something like this or know where I might
> be able
> to find information on this???
> Thanks,
> Mark Gosselin
> UNIX Administrator
> Netscout Systems, Inc.
> 4 Technology Park Drive
> Westford, Ma 01886
> 978-614-4219

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