SUMMARY: Loss of console causing crashes:

From: Jeff Zabek (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 20:38:59 CDT

Hi managers,

Thanks to all the people who helped:

Jonathan Jackson <>, "Eric S. Bryant"
<>, Len Rose <>, Changa Anderson
<>, "Celeste Stokely" <>,
Bill Hathaway <>, Mike van der Velden
<>, Carlo Musante <>, Clinton
Nichols <>, Dan Sweet
<>, "Donelle, Charles"
<>, Vince Hoang <>, Adrian
Saidac <>, Artur Shnayder
<>, Geoffrey Press <>,
"Wilkinson, Daniel" <>, John Malick
<>, Sanjeev Gooneratne <>, and Stefan
Voss <>.

The general response suggested one or more of these solutions: turn
the key on the system to the "secure" mode, which makes the system
ignore breaks; buy a terminal or terminal server (NT sucks); use "kbd
-a disable" to disable break signals at the OS level; use "kbd -a
alternate" to make the break sequence be ~^b instead of the standard

The original problem:

I am having a problem with servers crashing due to loss of the
console. Here's the scenario:

Server is an E4500. Console is a Windows NT PC which I can connect to
via pcAnywhere, with a serial cable and null modem adapter connected
from COM1 of the PC to serial port A on the E4500. I use terminal
emulation software (Hyperterminal or CRT) to connect to the COM port
on the Windows box and this accesses the console port of the E4500 so
I can work directly from it. Problem is that if the NT box crashes or
if the cable somehow gets yanked from it, the E4500 crashes. I have
experienced problems before which were similar to this, where the Sun
box would jump to the boot PROM, but nothing quite like this.

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