SUMMARY: NFS question

Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 12:17:11 CDT

Thanks to all who pointed out that I was thinking along the lines of the
very complex when the problem should have been quite plain if looked
at simply. I realioze now that I posted a rather dumb question and failed
to provide alot of detail that was probably necessary. But, the answer
was a simple one: Check the premissions!! Whoever created the directory
did so with permissions of rwx------. As a result, nobody but the owner
could read it.... Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

Mark Gosselin
Netscout Systems, Inc.

Original Post:

> Hi Admins,
> I'm having a probel with an NFS server (I think). Here's the deal:
> I have a file system exported as an NFS filesystem. However, when
> I map it in NT or I mount is on another UNIX box, I get only a partial
> listing of that directory...... I see 3 subdirectories and 3 plain files.
> There should be close to 100 subdirectories.
> Anyone ever seen this? Anyone have a fix???
> Mark Gosselin
> Netscout Systems, Inc.

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