SUMMARY: Sun Os 4.1.4 and Printcap

From: Santimore, Matthew (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 10:26:06 CDT

Thanks to all for the answers.

the general concensus was to make sure the spooling directory existed in

then edit the /etc/printcap file accordingly and finally

lpc to manage the printserver

thanks again all




        I've been avoiding this one for a while. Can't remember or find
documentation on
        how to set up a printer on Sun os 4.1.4

        I see the printcap and am pretty sure I need to add the entries like
the existing
        ones in there. But how in he heck do I turn it on. there doesn't
see to be an lp
        daemon running to restart. Not one that I can find though.

        info is greatly appreciated.

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