[SUMMARY] Solaris "greeting" screen hangs after logout -- XDM problem

From: David Foster (foster@dim.ucsd.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 18:54:04 CDT

This summary is extremely late!

Using xdm under Solaris 2.6, the transitional "greeting" screen would
hang after a user logged out (the xdm login would never come up).
This splash screen is displayed by 'dthello'.

Tried many things, but this problem did not go away until the next
revision of the xdm patch came out: 106415-03

Other things to check:

1) Has /usr/dt/config/Xreset been modified?

2) Try running it manually; login failsave, run twm and look for
   error messages. It might be failing to find a library or font.

Thanks to:

Daniel Manne
David Stern
David Robillard

Original Question:

> On our Solaris 2.6 systems (fully patched) we have a problem with the
> transitional "greeting" screen hanging after a user logs out. This is the
> screen which displays "Solaris version 2.6" and has the Adobe icon in the
> lower right corner.
> Once a user logs out, this screen stays up and the login screen never appears.
> I have to restart xdm to get the login screen back.
> We are using xdm X display manager, and this problem occurs with both
> tvtwm and twm window managers.
> I already tried adding a timeout option to /usr/dt/bin/dthello, but this
> did not help; in fact I moved the dthello binary out of the way and the problem still
> persists! I was assuming that the greeting was displayed by this binary,
> but clearly I am mistaken.
> Any help greatly appreciated...summary to follow.
> David Foster
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