SUMMARY: sendmail problem

Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 15:45:54 CDT

Thanks to:

Neal S. Pressman" <>
Tim Evans <>
"F.M. Taylor" <>
Changa Anderson <>
"Michael DeSimone" <>
James Ford <>

With special thanks going to James Ford for the VERY useful 'ehlo asdf'
SMTP command to show the allowable size of a message by the mail server.
I've appended his message at the end of this message.

I was aware of the MaxMessageSize option but I had changed it to 10MB but
still no luck. When I tried James Ford's trick of telnetting to my mail
server from within my domain, all looked well. But when I tried it from a
remote place (outside of my domain and class-c network) I got a different
banner message and different results to the 'ehlo asdf' SMTP command.
That caught my firewall red-handed. Our firewall was quietly and
secretly intercepting all SMTP traffic and it had its own limit on the size
of the messages.

FYI, it's a WatchGuard firewall for anyone out there that has one or is
planning on getting one.

Thanks again.

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>From james ford:
1. Issue a "df -aek" and make sure you have space
2. Make sure the user quota in /var/mail is not set (or set high)
3. Type:

     telnet localhost 25
     ehlo asdf

    - you should see a message about how big a file can be.

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