SUMMARY:-Solstice Config Problem

From: shyam hazari (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 11:19:40 CDT

       I got one response from John Malick( which
solved my problem. The list is impressive. Here I am attaching the reply
from him.

Thank you John.

Original Question:-

This is my first post to this list and I hope you won't disappoint me
and it's small problem while installing Solstice Network Client 3.2. The
Installation stops at configuring network components. The PC is having
Windows-95 and uses DHCP. Do I need to hard code the PC with IP address
or it is something else ?


If you have a 3Com 905B NIC card than thats your problem. Acutally, I
blieve it's the 905B. This requires a patch, Read patch# 106526-02 ...
The 3Com card is 3c905b ..

Shyam Hazari,
System Administrator,
Intelligroup Inc,

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