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From: Myron K Linsenmann/MKL/CC01/INEEL/US (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 09:25:45 CDT

Thanks to all who responded, Gary, Mike, Bruce,David, Bryon, and Joel. This
information helped us understand the process.
The original message was:

> I have changed /etc/system to incorporate some changes needed to support
> application. I have modified msgsys, semsys, and shmsys. All has turned
> fine other than when I look at the parameters after a reboot the msgsys
> parameters still reflect values of 0. An example of the set statement is:
> set msgsys:msginfo_msgmap=100
> A sysdef -i displays all msgsys parameters as 0, all the other values in
> semsys and shmsys are changed correctly. I am at a loss, any help would
> greatly appreciated.

The following responses were received:

I think that the values for kernel parameters don't actually change until
they are used.
Try checking them after you start up your application and see if sysdef -i
shows the correct values.

Gary Litwin

Most of these will not show up until they are used, also make sure you
do a boot -r


They won't be initialize until it's used.

Did you try doing this:

echo "msgsys/D" | adb -k

The above will check the true value. IF the true value happends to yield 0,
still then
try doing a boot -r at the ok prompt to reload the /etc/system parameters.

Bruce F. Wilkins

None of the changes you place in the /etc/system file have any affect
until you actually use facility in question. If the semsys and shmsys
values are displaying correctly, that means that some program that you
are loading during the boot process is creating semaphores and shared
memory segments but that nothing is making use of the msgsys
facilities. There is a way that you can force the various subsystems
to load at boot time, I believe you specify "forceload msgsys" in the
system file but you should definitely read the man page before doing

David H. Brierley

My guess is the message facility kernel module is not yet loaded. If you do a 'modinfo |grep msgsys' and don't see something like,

106 600d5800 17ac 49 1 msgsys (System V message facility)

then the module is not yet loaded. You can force load it with the command 'modload -p sys/msgsys' then try the sysdef again.


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