SUMMARY: Ultra 60 unable to boot from cdrom

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Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 09:51:48 CDT

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> Dear Sun Managers,
> I've an Ultra-60. My system suddenly went down. I have an
> internal harddisk, one internal cdrom and a floppy and no
> external devices connected. My internal h/d bootblk is
> corrupted. I need to bootup from cdrom and repair the disk.
> When I do a probe-scsi-all, I can see the h/d and cdrom. devalias
> and printenv show me the correct paths. When try to bootup from
> cdrom, "boot cdrom -sw", it shows the cdrom physical path
> and just hung there. The cdrom LED just blink for a few second
> and stop.
> I even disconnected internal cdrom and plug in an external
> cdrom and try to boot from there,
> "boot /pci@1f,40000/scsi@3,1/disk6,0:f -sw, it's giving me Fast
Data Access
> MMU. I had changed the motherboard, internal cdrom and cpu but still the
> same. Can somebody please shed a light
> on this. I need to bring up the system asap. TIA.

What are you booting from? If you have an Ultra-60, you likely have
processors faster than 419MHz. If so, you can't boot from a Solaris
2.5.1 or 2.6 CDrom. You must boot Solaris 7, or the Operating
Environment CD that comes with the machine.

Thanks to
Litwin, Gary
Arthur Kulp,
Scott Darren
Miller SUtfin

Special thanks to Scott Darren and Miller Sutfin. Both have
hit the head of the nail. The problem is due to fault memory.


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