Summary:Two physical disks, one partition

From: Asadoorian, Paul (Paul.Asadoorian@GTECH.COM)
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 07:40:06 CDT


Here is what I have learned:

- To stripe or concatonate disks in solaris you need Solstice Disk Suite
4.x or similar software from Veritas (Volume Manager).
- Some say that Sun is stopping development on Disk Suite and to with
Veritas even though it costs money, its worth it.
- Speaking of money Disk Suite comes free with the server edition of Solaris
7 (on the Easy Access Server CD), which most are entitled to, depending on
your service agreement. Contacting Sun for the CD's is the easiest way to
get the software.

My final decision:

I am going to use the 9gig disks in the machines as they are for now and
just softlink what I need into the appropriate directory, ex:

        /projecta ---> /disk3/projecta
        /projectb ---> /disk4/projectb

If any of those projects grow larger than 9gig, then we will install Veritas
VM, or buy some larger disks, or both...

Thank you to all who responded.

Paul Asadoorian
Systems Administrator

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