SUMMARY: JUMPSTART does not find BOOT file

From: Atmane Alouache (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 11:51:58 CDT
SUMMARY: JUMPSTART does not find BOOT file

Hi Admins,

I received so much answers to my question. This
mailing list is really great.
I thank all of you who responded :
Mike Salehi, Aaron, Jonathon W. Ross, Chandrasekhar
Kalle, Sanjaya Srivastava, Leonid Massarsky.

My original post was:
Hi admins,

When I try to install new machines (Ultra 80, Solaris
2.6) by Jumpstart I get this message :"Enter filename
: [kernel/unix]:"
Actually, it does not find the boot file.
Perhaps the problem is in the rules file, I just used
this :
karch sun4u - profile finish

Maybe "sun4u" does not work for the Ultra 80.
Admins I need your help, I have 4 machines to install
as soon as possible for new trading applications.

Thank you

Solution :
Actually, I only tried what was told in these messages
and it worked.
Now, the jumpstart may boot on the boot server.

Thanks again to you guys.

Answers received :

This is due to a bug in the distribution media, if you
install from the CD you will have this problem too
unless you choose the OEM option. Anyway I do not have
the capability to test it now (i am at a new
place),but the solution is :
run uname -a on ultra 80 and see what it says (it
should say SUNW,sunxxxxx) go to
Tools/Boot/usr/platform and make a link from
SUNW,xxxxxx to sun4u
and reshare and you are good.

Mike Salehi


There is a 'feature' that is common to the Ultra-80 and E420R. Once the OS is installed the system may not reboot and you will get the message boot: cannot open kernel/unix Enter filename [kernel/unix]:

The dodgy SUN 2.6 jumpstart created from the CD doesn't "quite" work for Ultra-80s (420R). It doesn't make the links under /usr/platform & /platform making the newly jumpstarted server unbootable. To correct the problem do the following.

When the boot stops at: Enter filename [kernel/unix]: type in /platform/sun4u/kernel/unix once it boots up, login as root.

cd /platform and check if there is a directory SUNW,Ultra-80 if not then create it mkdir SUNW,Ultra-80 This is what is should look like drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 512 Oct 4 11:11SUNW,Ultra-80

then cd /usr/platform and look for this SUNW,Ultra-80 -> sun4u if not then create it.. ln -s /usr/platform/sun4u /usr/platform/SUNW,Ultra-80

Then check. It should look like this.. lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 5 Oct 4 11:07SUNW,Ultra-80 -> sun4u



What version of 2.6? What HW release? 2.6 did not work on U5-U80 before 5/98 I believe.

Jonathon W. Ross


No No No the problem is that your Jumpstart server cannot jumpstart Ultra-80s by default with Solaris 2.6. You need to patch your 2.6 boot image on jumpstart server first. With the Ultra-80's purchase, you will get a CD that is labelled Ultra-80 hardwrare for 2.6 (I think). If you look at the getting started guide or any other manual for Ultra-80, you'll find the special installation procedure. Basically if you are installing using a CD you will need to insert the special CD first, boot cdrom, and then it will take you from there. For jumpstart, insert the special CD in your jumpstart server's CDROM, and then follow instructions to patch your 2.6 image using that CD. Hope that helps... sorry I did these things a long time back I dont have the details..

Chandrasekhar Kalle


You need a later rev of the OS image. I beleive its 5/98.....

Sanjaya Srivastava


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