SUMMARY: obp hang on E4000

From: Marco Shaw (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 11:32:12 CDT

Thanks to:
Erik M. Beebe
Nandkishor Kale
Michael Ernest
Saravana Muthu
Matthew Stier

Not really sure. Tried Stop A, Stop N, Stop D, and a few recycles. I
*think* things were better once I started using a real Sun keyboard as
opposed to the keyboard attached to a vt100 terminal. Although the vt100
keyboard worked before.

Orignal message:
> I incorrectly did a probe-fcal-all on a E4000 system, and now the system
> can still be brought to the ok> prompt, but it will not respond to any
> commands. Entering 'banner', 'reset-all', or any other obp command does
> nothing. The system just appears to sit there processing the command,
> will not complete it.
> I am still able to Stop-A again and get another ok> during this time, but
> that's all. The system cannot 'ok> boot cdrom'.
> I did a:
> --Stop A
> --reset-all
> --immediately hit Stop A...didn't take
> --hit Stop A again at the 'configuring devices' message
> --probe-fcal-all
> Any ideas?
> Marco

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