Summary : Cde on WIndows NT using Exceed !!

From: Bhuwan Pandey (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 08:19:23 CDT

HI Mgrs,

Some of the people wanted to know the response :

I was able to bring openwindows on win NT machine but
not CDE.
On NT create an Xstart file with the following
command. This will open
an xterm with display set to your PC's IP.

/usr/openwin/bin/xterm -ls -name hostname -title
hostname -sb -sl 1000
-geometry +0+25 -display @d &

You will need to start Xsession on Exceed Menu,
click on the Option button, put single on Window Mode
field, put
XDMCP-query on Startup Mode field and put the name or
IP address
of your UNIX Server on Connect Host field. Click on OK
save this configuration with a name you want.

Click on install field on the menu to install the
icon. Now you can
access the host you choosed by clicking on the icon
you creat
in order to get CDE displayed back to the nt machine
running exceed:
click start-programs-exceed-xconfig click on
choose single under the window mode area on the left
side of the
"Screen" tab Hit ok and restart the xserver when
if you have already done a basic configuration of
exceed , just go to
xceed menu from program manager and then select the
(xdmcp-Broadcast) then you should get the small window
with all the sun servers . select
the sun server you want to connect and you will get
the xwindow login
prompt with CDE

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