SUMMARY: How to determine at what speed scsi disk is running

From: Mikhail V Zdorovenko (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 00:32:36 CDT

Hi Managers!

Many thanks to the following managers:
Thomas Anders
Jed Dobson
Shubham Nagar
David Robillard
David Foster
Tom Jones

I've received several answers. Most of them suggested scsiinfo utility.
One can get it from There are source
and binaries for all versions of Solaris.

I've downloaded and run scsiinfo utility and got answer to my question.
The utility showed all neccessary information about scsi devices.

There is standard method of displaying scsi drive information without
using third-party software. Use prtconf utility.

Here is piece of prtconf -v output from UE450:
        scsi, instance #4
            Driver software properties:
                name <target2-TQ> length <4>
                    value <0x00000001>.
                name <target2-wide> length <4>
                    value <0x00000001>.
                name <target2-sync-speed> length <4>
                    value <0x00009c40>.
Here you can see three values for target 2: TQ, wide and sync-speed.
TQ is TaggedQueuing, wide - wide operation, sync-speed - is synchronous
The speed is <0x00009c40> KB/s - 40000 KB/s.

Here is piece of prtconf -v output from UE3000:
            SUNW,isptwo, instance #0
                Driver software properties:
                    name <target5-wide> length <0> -- <no value>.
                    name <target5-TQ> length <0> -- <no value>.
                    name <target5-sync-speed> length <4>
                        value <0x0000aaaa>.
The speed is <0x0000aaaa> KB/s - 43690 KB/s.

Mikhail V Zdorovenko
UVTB, Russia

Original question:
> Hi Managers!
> I've checked out summaries and didn't find answer.
> Please tell me how to determine the scsi speed at what my
> scsi disks are running.
> The systems are
> - UE450 with PCI UltraSCSI HBA and SUN4.2G disks.
> - UE3000 with SunSwift PCI Adapter and Multipack with SUN4.2G disks.
> I've run similar performance tests on both systems and got different
> results.
> UE450 show %busy of disks is about 20 times more than UE3000 on the
> same test. Why ?

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