SUMMARY: Netscape Weirdness..

From: N. (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 19:44:05 CDT

Hi all.

Im pleased to say, this is a valuable list!
The problem which seemed to be identified was the
nameserver cache daemon. It has to be set to YES.
I had turned it off because I was originally intending
to install a squid server on the machine (there was
mention of NSCD probs with squid).

Im kinda annoyed that I didnt bother checking the
release notes! RTFM ... mumble mumble

Thanks goes to:
Neil Dyce -
Douglas Palmer -
Ramji Venkateswaran -
Frank Smith -

also to John Malick - for suggesting
proxying problems.

All the best,

> Hi SUN gurus
> OS: sol7/11-99.
> I recently installed Netscape 4.73 (from the
> netscape site) on an E250 (heavily patched).
> When I executed the Netscape program as a normal
> user, the Netscape splash screen appeared and all >
seemed OK.
> The problem seems to occur though when I go to set
> the proxies. If I select MANUAL proxies and put in
> the name of a valid proxy server and port 3128 then
> press OK, the application just hangs and I loose
> control of the dialog box.
> I have to then kill of netscape and it returns a
> segmentation fault.
> trussing the application does not seem to reveal
> any startling things (although maybe it is :)..
> Any ideas on this one?

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