Summary: boot load failed

From: Xu, Ying (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 11:33:45 CDT

Thanks to:
Matthew Stier []
Kun Li []
Greg Koolbeck []
Sean Quaint []
Jim Blevins []
Connolly, Michael []

Majority responses are: there is no other option besides fresh install.
Sean Quaint mentioned if he has a backup, he can boot from CDROM and restore
the backup, then install bootblk. Greg Koolbeck said if newfs was caught
very early (which he said it was), he might be able to reinstall the
bootblock after booting from the CD.

He got the machine only a week ago, and don't have a backup. Also, he is
not familiar with sys admin at all. So the best and easiest way for him may
be fresh reinstall.

Thanks agin.


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> Subject: boot load failed
> Dear managers,
> One of my friends accidentally 'newfs' his system disk
> (Solaris 8, Ultra 80). The machine failed to boot with messages:
> Boot device: disk File and args:
> Boot load failed.
> The file just loaded does not appear to be executable.
> His question is besides fresh install, which other options
> does he have?
> Thanks.
> Ying

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