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From: Bill Fenwick (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 12:17:55 CDT

I got three responses on this one.

Andrew Pollock <> suggested that the client machine was
talking PAP and starting PPP as soon as the connection was made, rather than
doing a login prompt. I confirmed that PAP was not running (we're using CHAP),
and the problem was still there.

Joel Turoff <> suggested the resources at Stokely
Consulting (
 These are excellent resources, and I had used them to set up our original PPP
connection (pppd version 2.3.5), but I didn't see anything regarding this
particular problem.

Bill Armand <> suggested manually dialing the system and
trying a \d after seeing the CONNECT, then adding the appropriate number of \d
characters before login: in the /etc/uucp/Systems file. This didn't quite work
but may have something to do with what ultimately did.

In desperation, and thinking that maybe the client was spitting out a login
prompt that was unreadable for some reason, I started to log in with our
connection account ("ppp")... and presto, a login prompt appeared. Some
experimentation confirmed that, once I saw CONNECT, if I sent the letter "p"
four times, the login prompt would appear, and I could log in normally.

I have no idea why this works, but it does. The line on the other end may be
using pulse dialing, rather than touchtone, but I doubt that has anything to do
with it, since I was able to reach the remote modem but not the remote machine
connected to it.

Thanks to those who responded.

Original question:
On May 31, 13:16, Bill Fenwick wrote:
>We are trying to connect one of our Ultra 2's to a client's Ultra 2 via PPP.
>Both machines are running Solaris 7 and we're using Solstice PPP 3.01.
>Previously, both machines were running Solaris 2.6 and we were using some
>third-party PPP software (pppd version 2.3.5) to make the connection. When we
>upgraded our machinew to Solaris 7 and went to Solstice PPP, the connection
>stopped working (although another client was still using Solaris 2.6 and ppp
>2.3.5 with no PPP connection problems). Well, we figured, we need to upgrade
>the client's machine anyway, we'll just install Solstice PPP and everything
>will be fine.
>Of course, it's not. The PPP connection times out waiting for the login
>prompt, and when I dial the remote modem by hand, it connects, but it sends
>a bunch of garbage rather than a login prompt. When I did this connection by
>hand with the same modem, back when the client machine was still running 2.6,
>got the prompt with no trouble.
>We've checked the settings on both modems (both are US Robotics modems; ours
>a 56K, the client's is 28.8) and we've checked the serial port settings on
>machines with pmadm. Both seem fine. Also, the client machine seems to be
>able to communicate with its modem via tip, though they are not able to dial
>up. (I think they need some kind of long-distance code to dial us, though
>we've been able to dial them direct with no problem).
>Anything I'm missing? Is there some reason why PPP wouldn't be spitting out a
>recognizable login prompt?

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