SUMMARY: missing all database replicas

From: Connolly, Michael (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 10:59:25 CDT


I only received 2 replies one of which said contact Sun and the other said
check /etc/system (which lists the replicas but in a cryptic way). However,
I probably wasn't clear in my post. I knew where they were supposed to be
but could not figure out where they all went as metadb -i reported no
replicas found!
Anyway, I contacted Sun and they were indeed mystified - apparently they had
never seen so many db reps just disappear! The goods news is that we we able
to reconstruct them so that I could see the metadevices. The bad news is
that the filesystem on one of the mirrors was totally corrupted and on
another one of the disks appears to have failed (that why we mirror right?).
Anyway restores from backups are underway and am replacing the bad disk.

It was good to know that even if the db reps are wiped out there is still
some hope of recovery. Thanks to Sun!

original post:

I came in this morning to my primary server at the maintenance prompt. One
of the messages states that no database replicas were found. I have 8 sets
of three db reps spread across 8 drives. Does anyone know how to locate
these replicas?

So far:

I have commented out any references to disksuite in /etc/rc2.d and
/etc/rcS.d to avoid the server hanging. I have managed to get the server
back up into mulituser mode. Several file systems are damaged although these
were not metadevices. At midnight Friday the messages file reports scsi
transport errors and I think this is when the system crashed. dmesg reported
this morning: cpu0 Priveledged Timeout Error, panic, reset, syncing and a

Solaris 2.6 5/98 kernel patch -12
Disksuite 4.1 patched to 104712-20

My primary issue is why does metadb -i report no databases found? lord know
there are enough of them spread around.

format sees all disks fine. replicas were on raw file systems approx. 5Mb in
size (4 cylinders).


Michael J. Connolly
CAD/CAE/PDM Systems Administrator
C&K Components, Inc.

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