SUMMARY: Ultra 80 does not recognize external SCSI DAT tape drive

From: System Prestidigitator (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 10:51:51 CDT

I was finally able to recognize the tape drive - it was a firmware version
problem! I downloaded the upgrade from Sony's site (isn't web support
wonderful!), mounted on a PC (they never seem to write firmware upgraders for
Unix) and upgraded from version 123 to 400. Sony's document on Unix
configuration mentioned I needed a level of 126 for Legato (and apparently just
to work with the operating system!), and I kept ignoring the 123 in the
probe-scsi-info report.
I received many responses, but none hit the nail on the head. However several
were still appropriate, since I didn't give all of the details.
The responses and/or names of responders follow the original question.
My comments in square brackets [].
Original question:

I am running Solaris 8.
I have installed Solstice Backup 5.5.1
I have RAID Manager 6.2.2 with patches for Solaris 8, and an A1000 connected to
a PCI SCSI card (probably unimportant details).
I have attached a SCSI DAT tape drive (a SONY SDT-9000 DDS-3), ID 4, with an 68
pin to Centronics 50 adapter cable.
I have tried reconfigure (several times).
This drive works fine on a Sparc5.
It is connected to the external SCSI (built-in) connector on the Ultra 80.
probe-scsi-all finds the tape drive on the external
SCSI port, but the system does not.
The output is:
        Target 4 SONY SDT-9000...

Also, the command:
devfsadm -v -i st
devfsadm: driver failed to attach: st
exit status = 11

which worries me. /dev/rmt has no entries.

I have installed the only st driver patch for Solaris 8 that I could find.

One of the archived messages mentions a PROM update for the Ultra 80.
I am unsure how to find this, or if it would help.

Any ideas?

--------------------- Recommended "tapes" command. [If the drive had been
recognized in the reconfigure boot, then this would have run automatically
(actually superceded in Solaris 8 by "devfsadm" command).]

Roger Fujii <>:
Did you edit /kernel/drv/st.conf correctly so that it would recognize
an SDT9000? (see sony's fax info document for the proper settings
for this drive)
[ I had obtained this document, (which also is available as a PDF file if you go
through the proper web incantations), but didn't read it carefully enough until
the end of the search. I was using the st.conf that I had developed myself from
my old Sparcstation. Sony's was very similar. When I first used the tape
drive, Sony's document was unavailable - or if it was available, could not be
found on their site!]
[He also told me where to look for the switches (required quite a disassembly of
the cabinet), also explained in Sony's Unix config document.]

Birger Wathne <> also mentioned the st.conf. He also
mentioned "modinfo, modunload, and modload" which I was unfamiliar with.

"Torsten Robert Kirschner" <>
Christian Haul <>
said st.conf.

Thanks to everyone!

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Box 356422, Room RR 616 Health Science Building, Seattle, WA, 98195-6422

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