[SUMMARY] Hard limit on the maximum number of printers under Solaris 2.6?

From: Jared Housh (jared-housh@utulsa.edu)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 10:39:58 CDT

My original question follows:

> Is anyone aware of a hard limit on the number of printers you may have
> configured in Solaris 2.6? If so, is there any way to adjust it?

Thank you to everyone who responded. There were three different suggestions:

1) Increase the number of open file descriptors.
2) Restart the print services
3) Check filesystem resources (inodes, etc)

The solution was a little bit surprising. A truss -f on lpadmin revealed the
culprit to be a file in /etc called .name_service_door. It turns out this
file is created by nscd (the name service caching daemon) and is a special
file. I restarted nscd and the problem cleared up. Thanks again for all your

Jared Housh
Sysadmin -- CIR
The University of Tulsa

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