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From: Rich Quinn (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 16:54:23 CDT


Sorry for the delayed Summary:

thanks go to Jae, Buddy, Lusty, Alex, Yann, and Alouache among others.

The answer was twofold

1 I had to run installboot against the mirror root drive. The Online
disksuite online manual only mentions installboot for x86 systems.

2 I had to run show-disks at the 'ok' prompt, then select the right path,
then do my nvalias command from there.
The path I was given from the show-disks command is different from the path
I get from following the online manual instructions that have me do an ls
-la on the raw device of the mirror disk.

thanks again for your help and my original post is at the bottom


> Hi,
> Just installed On Line Disk Suite 4.1 on my 2.5.1 box.
> I got everything mirrored just fine.
> Followed the directions for "Record the Path to the Alternate Boot Device"
> Easy enough, just do an ls -la /dev/rdsk/{2nd disk in mirror goes here.}
> I get back my answer of:
> ../../devices/pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/ide@3/dad@1,0:b
> I do an nvalias backup_root /pci@1f........etc.....
> I try to boot from backup_root to no avail.
> I triple checked my spelling of the path and I started the path with
> "pci@1f,0" just like the instructions said.
> I can do this just fine on the older sbus systems,
> but not on the pci systems.
> Is there a patch involved here?
> Any ideas?
> thanks,
> Rich

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