SUMMARY: Redundant NICs

From: Stuesse, Jeff (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 09:28:52 CDT

I would like to thanks all those who replied to my query.

Val Popa
The Wizard
Jim Herbert
Mike Evans
Jonathan William Ross
Marc Newman
Matthew Stier
Russ Poffenberger
Dave McFerren

I have not had a chance to implement a solution as of yet, but I will repost
a completion summary when I've made something work in the real world. Until
then the suggestions that I received included 4 primary solutions.

1) HAnet from Sun/Jim Herbert
2) Alternate Pathing (included with 5/98 and later)
3) Sun Trunking software (unbundled purchase)
4) Sun clustering Software (may be same as #3)

My original post
> Hello fellow sun-manglers,
> I am having trouble finding a way to have dual NIC cards, for load
> and redundancy, on the same Ethernet segment.
> Actually we have dual NICs in the NT desktops connected to
> separate/redundant lucent Cajun switches, connected to dual NICs in the NT
> servers. The switches share a failover IP address.
> Completely redundant networks, except when it comes to the Suns, I can't
> find a way to "TEAM" the NICS like the NT Boxes do.
> Thanks Jeff///

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