Summery Ibm DDRS 9GB and Axil320

From: Moti Levy (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 01:29:37 CDT

Hi All ,
no replies but i manged,
It turnes out my hme/fast wide scsi sbus card was a bit faulty ....
I replaced it and bang all is well.
my question is attached below .
thanks to dan for trying :-)

Moti Levy

Hi All,
I am trying to add a disk to an axil 320 it's an ibm ddrs 9gb drive.
probe-scsi recognizes the disk but when i boot i get a error
fas: Cmd dump for target 0 lun 0:
fas: .....
and so on final error is Connected command timeout for target 0.0
I've checked termination,diffrent disks diffrent stations .
Any one uses these disks ?
any idea's ?

Moti Levy

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