[SUMMARY] 18GB disk and 4.1.3_U1VB

From: Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram (mparamas@iupui.edu)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 13:18:10 CDT

Yes, 18GB CAN be used with SunOS 4.1.3_U1VB with 8 (not 7) partitions of
2.14GB size each
to the total of 17.12GB. I made it to work, thanks to (responses attached):
        Casper Dik [Casper.Dik@holland.sun.com]
        Michael Maciolek [mikem@ne.cohesive.com]
Here is the df output:
Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on
/dev/sd0a 91919 6081 76647 7% /
/dev/sd0g 624758 169185 393098 30% /usr
/dev/sd1d 1971926 1438670 336064 81% /data1
/dev/sd1e 1971926 1274896 499838 72% /data2
/dev/sd1f 1971926 1740637 34097 98% /data3
/dev/sd1g 1971926 1561129 213605 88% /data4
/dev/sd1h 468412 50762 370809 12% /usr3
/dev/sd2a 1966861 9 1770166 0% /data5 \
/dev/sd2b 1966861 9 1770166 0% /data6 |
/dev/sd2c 1966861 9 1770166 0% /data7 |
/dev/sd2d 1966861 9 1770166 0% /data8 |
/dev/sd2e 1966861 9 1770166 0% /data9 |-->18GB
/dev/sd2f 1966861 9 1770166 0% /data10 |
/dev/sd2g 1966861 9 1770166 0% /data11 |
/dev/sd2h 1966861 9 1770166 0% /data12 /

This is what I did:
Since FORMAT time already was set to 4 hrs, I created a new entry for
the $245 18.3GB Western Digital LVD disk (directly mounted on external Sun
in format.dat with specifications from Western Digital website, and from the
that maximum size is 2.14GB x 8 bytes (ie., 8 x 2^31).

I formated the disk. I did not re-partition, since I had the partition table
in format.dat.
Then I did newfs for all 8 partitions are mounted it. It all went real

I don't have a copy of DiskSuite 1.0 media and I could not find one. We
would still like to have
one big filesystem than several 2.14GB partitions.

I can't upgrade the machine to any higher SunOS due to 3rd party s/w

Here are the detailed responses:
1) Casper Dik [Casper.Dik@holland.sun.com]:
You can probably use all 8 partitions; I dont' think anything forces
the "c" partition to be the whole disk. This gives you just over
17 (metric) GB.

You could try to find Disksuite 1.0 (no partition limits)
or get on with it and install SOlaris.

2) Michael Maciolek [mikem@ne.cohesive.com]
You can get an extra 2 gigabytes out of that disk! You can use
the "c" partition to refer to a filesystem starting at cylinder 0
(usually the "a" partition starts at cylinder 0, but that is not a
requirement.) You can re-map the "a" partition to point elsewhere
on the disk.

Let's say your disk is /dev/sd2.

Start by defining the "a" partition to begin at cylinder 0. Build
a filesystem on it (newfs /dev/rsd0a). Let's say that partition's
called "/home". Continue with the rest of your disk, defining
each partition to be exactly 2GB long. It'll be like this:

(this is assuming each cylinder is 1 megabyte)

            mount start size
part point cyl (cyls)
---- ----- ----- ------
a: /home 0 2048
b: /work 2048 2048
c: --- 0 9000
d: /prod 4096 2048
e: /apps 6144 2048
f: /misc 8192 2048
g: /test 10240 2048
h: /junk 12288 2048

Now go back into 'format' and re-define the "a" partition to be
another 2GB of space starting after sd2h. Build a new filesystem
there. Let's say that's your "/news" partition.

            mount start size
part point cyl (cyls)
---- ----- ----- ------
a: /news 14336 2048

Partition "a" now refers to the 2GB of space starting at cylinder
14336, proceeding 2GB from there. Build a filesystem there with
newfs and you're set.

Now, you can do:

        mount /dev/sd2c /home
        mount /dev/sd2a /news

and the others...

        mount /dev/sd2b /work
        mount /dev/sd2d /prod
        mount /dev/sd2e /apps
        mount /dev/sd2f /misc
        mount /dev/sd2g /test
        mount /dev/sd2h /junk

Incidentally, you will probably want to redefine your drive so each
cylinder is a power-of-2. I based the above example on 1 megabyte
per cylinder, but you can do 512k, 1meg, 2meg, whatever you like as
long as 512 * (blocks/track) * (heads) = (power of 2)

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This goes way back to SunOS 4.1.3_U1VB on Sparc 20.

I already have 2GB and 9GB internal disks. I am aware of 2.14GB (2^31 bytes)
max partition size. I would like to add a 18GB disk, since 9GB and 18GB
disks costs the same on internet stores. Since I can only make use of 7
partitions including partition "b", which amounts to 15GB, what is the best
way to partition or format the 18GB disk, so that I can use effectively
atleast 15GB.

Any entries for format.dat is appreciated. Thanks in advance. I will


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