SUMMARY: Staroffice and printing

From: Bernt Christandl (beb@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 01:14:45 CDT

Hello managers,

StarOffice-5.1 hint of the week:

Install Patch 109260-01 (Solaris/Sparc) or
        Patch 109259 (Solaris/x86) from Apr-19-2000

This patch is compressed 14 MB full of shared libraries.
Here is the corrected bug list:

>Problem Description:
>SD#66013 Presentation: File may damage if working on a multi-platform basis.
>SD#68576 Crash when loading page templates with a ROOT network installation.
>SD#68619 Gradient on non-blank backgrounds cause 'fuzzy' borders
>SD#68692 LOOP when printing StarOffice Writer document.
>SD#68657 Fonts taken from SAL_FONTPATH are not available in X_FONTPATH.
>SD#68660 IMAP: Moving mails does not delete the original.
>SD#68715 Crash when loading certain PowerPoint presentations under Solaris.
>SD#68804 IMAP: Third party unsubscribing of folders will be ignored.
>SD#68807 Crash if StarOffice is started in display 0.1.
>SD#68861 Only the first page of the document can be printed on the
> SparcPrinter E
>SD#68865 XPrinter forgets to remove tmp files.
>SD#68866 Capital letters cannot be used when logging in to the IMAP Server.
>SD#68957 Incomprehensible error messages have been replaced.
>SD#69113 IMAP: New / Folder reports 'Invalid Name'
>SD#69552 Some of the Presentation documents crash when opened.
>SD#69567 Files can no longer be loaded after a template update.
>SD#69583 Some presentation documents crash after loading / saving /
>SD#69894 Endian Bug when No. of Copies used.
>SD#69895 XPrinter crashes with some PowerPoint Presentations.
>SD#72704 Graphics missing after restoring and saving after a crash.
>SD#72722 Linked graphics no longer exist after restoring document.
>SD#72774 General input/output error when loading some presentations
>SD#73110 Files will become larger if graphic bullets are used.
>(from 108744-01)
>SD#68783 Problems occur when editing DBF databases. The data
> record to be edited will not always be changed.
>(from 108739-01)
>SD#68522 Wrong server settings if replying to a Newsgroup posting when
> 'User-defined Settings...' are being used

I've asked:
> i have installed Staroffice-5.1 under Solaris-2.7.
> (You know there are these "standard" DOCuments you get via email
> these days... :(
> Recently i discovered that each time a user prints from Staroffice,
> directly to a printer or into a postscript-file, a file is being
> created in /var/tmp with a name "xp...." and is NOT being removed
> after succesful printing. This is different to the behaviour under
> x86-Linux.
> ...

and the solution came from
Michael Neef <>:
> this seems to be the following bug:
> SD#68865 XPrinter forgets to remove tmp files.
> It is corrected with patch 109260-01.

And sure, he was right. I installed the patch, which simply means
substituting some staroffice shared libraries, started staroffice again
and printing worked fine!

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