SUMMARY: find hung in Solaris 2.6 and 7

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Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 23:47:20 CDT

Many thanks to
Qureshi, Malahat <>
ray <>
Neal S. Pressman <>
Viet_Q_Hoang <>
Renny Koshy <>

I must specially thanks Viet_Q_Hoang and I included
his reply below.

That sounds like a symptom of some nfs/automounting
Easiest way to track it down is to run 'find / -print'
and see
where it hangs.

It hung at /xfn. Comment out /xfn in auto_master and
autofs. everything works fine now.

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> Subject: find hung in Solaris 2.6 and 7
> Dear Sun Managers,
> I've an E10k and have 5x 9.1 G disks. Each hard disk
> is mounted as a separate file system. NFS is not
> running in this machine. My problem is I have a
> that consists a find command that run well in
> 2.5.1. However, when I run the same script on
> 2.6 or 7, it doesn't work.
> I then run the find command manually in command
> find / -name .profile -print.
> To my surprise, after finding the .profile file in a
> few file systems, it just hung there. I waited a few
> hours but the find doesn't terminate. When I do a
> truss
> on the process, it is giving me the process is in
> sleeping......
> I never see such a thing before and by
> right after finding the file in all the file
> it should exit and go back to the command prompt.
> I did the find in each separate file system, it
> fine and exits.
> e.g. # find /a -name .profile -print
> # find /b -name .profile -print
> # find /c -name .profile -print
> Can someone shed some light on it. I had searched
> the archive and someone mentioned that there is a
> different in find command btw Solaris 2.5.1 and
> Solaris 2.6. But the summary doesn't help in my
> case. Would highly appreciate any help and what
> are the things I need to investigate further.
> regards,
> S.S

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