SUMMARY: ruined permissions

From: Dan O'Mahony (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 03:46:15 CDT

Thanks for all the emails I received!

Aside from looking at the backups, which would have been difficult as
it's a Networker backup solution running on the box and doing a full
restore takes about 9 hours..... several people came up with a little

pkgchk -f `pkginfo | awk '{print $2}'` (from Anthony Worrall)

An interesting side effect of this was that it reset all the dates to
the epoch which we are working by looking at the pkgchk
script.....something for the weekend you might say!

As for the speediest response: Casper Dik in around 15 mins after the
Most humourous response: Jeff Cole: "As for the idiot, perhaps a good
smack or two to get across the point that you don't fsck around with
root." (believe me he's the kind of team lead you want to do that to, he
picks up the phone and actually says "Greetings")

Thanks to everyone.


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